Woman in Durban North road rage used her policeman husband’s state-issued gun

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DURBAN – KwaZulu-Natal police are investigating how a policeman’s wife used her husband’s state-issued firearm in a road-rage incident as the Easter weekend holiday kicked off.

The incident was one of the most serious cases of road rage in recent months and police have urged motorists to remain calm as traffic levels increased.


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An altercation between the woman and a truck driver over a parking bay in Kensington Road, Durban North, saw her arguing with him while standing in the road, then reaching into her car to collect a firearm that she pointed at the trucker, according to Durban North police spokesman Captain Raymond Deokaran.

The truck driver retaliated by producing a firearm and firing two shots at her, which hit her in the leg, he said.

She is facing charges of possessing of an unlicensed firearm and pointing a firearm, while he has been accused of attempted murder.

Deokaran confirmed that the weapon she used was a state firearm and that her husband, who is based at Newlands East police station, would be investigated for enabling her to get hold of it.


According to witnesses, the woman sought help in a nearby supermarket after being shot in Thursday’s incident. The wife of a shop employee who had seen the shooting called her husband inside the shop, warning him that the female motorist was armed. The couple could not be traced.

The two drivers are expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

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