Westville murder case closed even after suspect admitted being there during fatal home invasion

Gordon Donaldson was brutally killed in a home invasion
Gordon Donaldson (55), was brutally killed by unknown men in his home in Gardenia Place in Westville, while trying to protect his wife on 26 January 2016.

A Westville family is struggling to understand how the murder investigation of their husband and father, Gordon Donaldson, has been closed even after a suspect admitted being at the scene of the brutal murder and stealing the victim’s cellphone.

Gordon’s wife, Debbie, said she was informed by a detective three months ago, that Gordon’s case had been closed after all the leads failed to bear fruit, Highway Mail reported.


“The detective said they had a lead but due to insufficient evidence they had to close the case. He also said if they came across anyone that matches fingerprints or the blood sample, then naturally they would follow up and reopen the murder case,” said Debbie.

However Debbie refused to accept this. She said the police had arrested one suspect who gave a written statement about what happened that day. Article continues below…

“The suspect admitted to being at the home invasion and even stealing Gordon’s cellphone. He even named the shooter but the police made no arrests since. How are we as a family supposed to find closure and accept that my husband’s killers are still out there?” said an emotional Debbie.

Gordon’s brutal murder

Gordon was stabbed twice and shot in his stomach during a home invasion in Gardenia Place on 26 January 2016.

Debbie said that she heard dogs barking around 2am that day and Gordon went to check. The robbers thew a brick through the bedroom window and Gordon tried to fight them off while screaming for Debbie to press the panic button.


Debbie went to the spare bedroom and opened the window to shout for help. She then heard a gunshot and found her husband lying on the floor bleeding.

The robbers escaped with a cellphone and fled through the New Germany Nature Reserve.

She described him as a devoted father and grandad.

“Gordon was well known in the transport sector. He was a down-to-earth person who would not harm anyone. He had a love for animals and would not hurt any living creature. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was loved by all who met him.”

Debbie said his death had left a gapping hole in their lives that will never be filled. “Both his siblings, Morag and Raymond, are also battling with the loss of their big brother. Our lives have been torn apart,” she added.

Gordon is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son.


In response Capt Elizabeth Squires, spokesperson at Westville SAPS said a murder docket is never closed until the murder has been solved.

“At this stage, what appears to have occurred is that the docket is filed as no new information is available and the detective investigation has gone as far as it can possibly go with the information available. Naturally as soon as more information comes to light, the investigation can resume. The detective should liaise with the victim’s family if there is new information to report,” said Squires.

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