WATCH: Suspicious device detonated in a Wentworth grocery store

spar austerville bomb explosion

The South African Police Services’ Explosives Unit rushed the Spar in Austerville‚ Wentworth‚ after another “suspicious device” was found in the store on Monday afternoon.

This would be the sixth device found in Durban in a matter of five days.


A manager‚ who would not be named‚ told KZN WATCH that police explosives experts had been called to the scene.

According to a source, a youngster gave the store manager an envelope.

“There was a letter that said money must be put inside the envelope and left outside the supermarket otherwise a bomb will explode,” the source said.

The boy told the manager that the envelope was handed to him by a man who he did not know.

The manager then took the boy to the Wentworth police station, just metres away from the store, and informed police of the envelope and letter.


According to witnesses at the scene, the bomb and K9 units arrived and cordoned off the area. They said a black packet was found at the entrance to the shop.

Speaking to the KZN WATCH, residents said they were shocked at what had transpired.

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“The staff were evacuated. About three hours later, we heard an explosion and people rushed to see what was happening,” a resident said.

The incident comes as police have had to deal with a number of potentially explosive devices since last week.

National police spokesperson, Brigadier Vish Naidoo, said; “It was a suspicious parcel which turned out to be negative.”

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