WATCH: Hijacking victim rescued after being thrown off Kloof gorge cliff

Hijacked and thrown off Kloof gorge

A man was rescued from a 60-metre cliff at Kloof Gorge earlier this morning. He claims he was hijacked and thrown off the cliff on Tuesday evening.

He sustained moderate injuries.


Rescuetech Search and Rescue volunteers received a call from the Kloof Neighbourhood Watch at 3.30am alerting them to someone who was screaming for help in the Kloof Gorge.

“We quickly got all our members up and ready to respond to emergency at Kloof Gorge. The neighbourhood watch and Blue security managed to locate which side of the Kloof Gorge the man was in. Two of our members walked down to the man to assess his injuries,” read the post on the Rescuetech Search and Rescue Facebook page.

Blue Security’s Andreas Mathios said the man’s hands were tied with cable ties behind his back when they found him. He claimed he was hijacked around 8.30pm on Tuesday and then thrown off the cliff.

Hillcrest SAPS are investigating the incident.

Watch video by Blue Security below:

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