WATCH: Father filmed punching daughter at Gateway Shopping Centre

gateway assault

DURBAN – A video showing an enraged man throwing punches at a young woman inside the Gateway Shopping Centre in Durban has brought parenting skills to the spotlight.

In the video, a man, thought to be the father, is seen beating and pulling his purported daughter’s hair and dragging her towards the parking lot.

Last year, the South Gauteng High Court ruled that spankings were not in line with the constitution. An NGO has since taken the ruling on appeal.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Friday.

The video was uploaded publicly on Facebook by Ryan Naicker, who stated: “Caught a father and daughter in action on Friday evening at Gateway. The daughter seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, the father then proceeded to abuse the daughter. The Gateway security department did nothing but watch in amazement and did nothing to stop the father. Please share to show how the security reacts to such an event.”

The video shows a man in a red shirt in a heated argument with a young woman in black clothes. A woman carrying a child was also involved in the argument.

Seconds into the video, the man can be seen hitting the young girl and then pushing her to the floor twice. The young woman screams as she is dragged away by the man. One security guard walks towards the scuffle, but does not intervene.

The video ends with the woman on the floor as members of the public surround them.

The video has been viewed over 6000 times by Saturday afternoon, with social media users debating parenting skills after it was assumed that the man was the father of the young woman who had allegedly been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

A Gateway official said on Saturday that the managers and security were aware of the incident, and referred questions to the marketing manager who were not immediately available for comment. SUNDAY TRIBUNE

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