WATCH: Durban schoolboys brutally assault ‘rival’ from another school

Palmview Secondary School fight video

DURBAN – A video of schoolboys brutally beating another boy has emerged on social media. The video was shot from outside Palmview Secondary School in Phoenix where it is alleged rival groups of boys from two schools met and a fight broke out.

The video however, shows only one boy being attacked by a group allegedly from Palmview Secondary School, the victim’s school could not be immediately verified.

In the video, a gang of schoolboys gang up on one schoolboy pushing him to the ground before they ruthlessly kick and punch him in the head.

A motorists comes to the victim’s rescue as stopping the marauding boys who by that time had already lost his shirt and taken several punches and kicks.

It is not clear what the rivalry is about.

The video emerges at the background of many other violent videos involving either teachers or students in Kwazulu Natal province in recent months.

Watch video below:

Students armed themselves with firearms and knives to school in another video shot from a Richards Bay school.

The Palmview Secondary School wrote on Facebook in response to the video, that they were of the video that was circulating. They said the incident took place three weeks ago in September.

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