Victim from viral Hillcrest pub assault video speaks out

DURBAN – The victim of an assault captured on video at a Hillcrest pub has broken the silence on the ordeal.

A 25-second video of the 21-year-old Ntando Gumede being knocked out by a white guy went viral this week. The video showed Gumede trying to talk to the man about racism after an altercation at the pub.

Before Gumede could complete his sentence, he was elbowed in the face and knocked out for about 10 minutes.

Gumede, of KwaNyuswa, works as a petrol attendant in Hillcrest. He said he had gone out with friends for drinks.

“We were in the pub and a guy began making racial slurs. He then hit me on the back of the head. The bouncer kicked him out. His friends started to make a noise and said I, too, should be kicked out. The bouncer then kicked me out,” said Gumede.

He said when he went outside, he tried to tell the man there was no place for racism in South Africa.

He was then attacked.

“My friends said the man and his friends then got into their cars and sped off. They didn’t even bother to check if I was okay. My friends wanted to take me to a hospital, but they took me home and gave me painkillers,” said Gumede.

He said when he woke up the next morning, he could hardly remember anything.

“I was shocked to learn that the video had gone viral, but I was also embarrassed because I didn’t want my parents to see something like that.

“I was drunk as well, so it was also embarrassing for me,” said Gumede.

He said he was considering opening a case against the alleged suspect.

“At first I didn’t want to because I didn’t want my parents to know of the incident. When the video went viral, I decided I should because of the pressure. Now that the incident is out in the open, I do not have to fear my parents finding out, so I will consider opening a case,” said Gumede.

He said that since the incident, he had not heard from his attacker, who he thought would contact him to apologise.

“I am calm and timid by nature. My thoughts that night were just to speak to him to make him see that racism is not acceptable anymore. He really took me by surprise because I never expected it to turn violent,” said Gumede.

He said he was grateful to be all right and that he did not need to go to hospital, although he had seen a doctor since the incident.

The aggressor‚ who reportedly spoke to TimesLIVE on condition of anonymity‚ said that he had feared for his safety.

“I heard one of his friends say‚ ‘Ya‚ we’ll stab them‚’ and I had been stabbed before and I wanted to leave the whole thing. I was outnumbered and I heard them talk about stabbing me‚” he said.

“I’m ashamed … obviously I was in the wrong. I shouldn’t have done that and I messed up. I should have walked away.”

The man said that the tense standoff could be traced back to when they had arrived at the bar.

“We got out the car and these guys had just parked … There were about four or five of them. As I got out the car … I had a friend with me … I heard them say‚ ‘Check these white trash boys‚’ or something like that.”

“And I said‚ excuse me‚ and they walked off. I approached them in the bar because I wanted to know what they had said to me. They got a little bit cheeky and they went outside and I was under the influence.”

He said that all he wanted to do was walk away from the situation.

“I wanted to walk away and I just retaliated after he wouldn’t let me leave. I went to the police station but I haven’t reported it … I wanted to know if he had reported it.”

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