‘Victim’ in viral video attacked security guard first – witness

The man who recorded an altercation between a security guard and a man at Queensmead Mall in Umbilo has come out in defence of the guard. He claims the ‘victim’ in the video attacked the guard first.

“It is unfortunate that I only filmed from the time the guard fought back but the supposed ‘victim’ attacked the security guard first,” said the witness who chose to be called Mr Thomson.

KZN WATCH investigated the origin of the video and was led to Mr Thomson who gave us a telephonic interview.

He says he was coming to the mall when he saw the ‘victim’ fighting to escape from the guard’s grip.

“He kicked the security guard many times and tried to hit him with the bottle but the guard frantically fought him off and disarmed him,” he said.

Thomson said he only thought of recording the scene after he saw the guard gaining advantage in the fight but it was not his intention to show just one side of the story.

He said he did not ask the two what happened but he assumed the other man had stolen the bottle as it looked sealed.

The video does not show how the scaffle ended but Mr Thomson said the security guard managed to arrest the man and led him away into the mall.

“I actually think the guard did a good job because there is a lot of crime in the area,” he concluded.

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