Tragedy strikes Phoenix family as girl (14) shoots herself dead

Durban – A Phoenix family is in shock after their 14-year-old daughter shot and killed herself in what is believed to be suicide.

KZN VIP who attended the scene of the shooting together with Netcare 911 reported that they managed to stabilize her before transporting her to hospital where she sadly she passed on.

Circumstances of the suspected suicide are not yet clear but it is believed family pointed out depression as a possible cause of her actions.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Residents have made an urgent appeal on the security company’s Facebook page for venues to conduct counselling on.

The post read:

Due the high rate of teenage suicides I am pleading to Pastors to please sponsor the use of your churches for a few hours At least once or twice week. I strongly believe that our community is in dire need of a place where we can have group therapy for:

1. Teenagers with suicidal tendencies.

2. Victims of school bullying.

3. Family and friends of victims of suicides.

4. Family and friends of victims of murders, hijackings and rapes.

We are also looking for Professionals that might want to offer their services pro bono especially those that are studying Psychology, or trained medical practioners that trained overseas and cannot practise in South Africa.

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