Siam’s mother implicated the drug dealer – investigator

siam lee

Durban – An investigator believes Siam’s mother could hold the key to the arrest of the culprit in her daughter’s murder after she implicated a Nigerian drug dealer whom Siam allegedly owed some money.

Despite a family member being interviewed by police, “no arrest has been made as yet”, said Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane, a police spokesperson.

“The matter is still under investigation at New Hanover police station.”

Zwane said Lee, 20, allegedly left her workplace, a house in Margaret Maytom Avenue in Durban North, on January 4, with a man driving a black Mercedes-Benz Vito with an unknown GP registration number.

She did not return home and a missing person report was opened at Durban North SAPS.

Lee’s charred remains were found by a farmer in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands on Thursday. Her body was identified by family members. Her mother, Nan Lee, could not be reached for comment.

Siam Lee was allegedly connected to a seedy world of drugs and prostitution.

It is alleged she owed a Nigerian drug dealer R50 000. The house was owned by a Chinese national. It had been operating as a massage parlour.

Andreas Mathios, Blue Security spokesperson and private investigator, said he had been campaigning for brothels to be moved out of residential areas for many years.

“They operate under the guise of massage parlours and should be moved to a more controlled environment where it can be monitored.

“There is more to Siam’s murder than meets the eye. The fact that the mother has implicated a person, (means) she knows a lot more about events leading up to her daughter’s abduction and murder,” he said.

Mathios believes Lee might have been killed elsewhere and dumped in the Midlands.

“This is the shady underworld of Durban. People from all walks of life and statuses visit these brothels. I had a personal experience once when a woman phoned me for help. Her husband was in one of them and she needed to get him out because the owners were subjecting him to drugs and more prostitutes,” Mathios said.

Brad Nathanson, a private investigator, said the vile treatment of women continues in South Africa.

“I mourn the barbaric, senseless and evil-inspired death of a young woman whose burned remains were discovered,” he said.

Sue Foster, a close family friend, said funeral arrangements were being made.Daily News

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