Savage Robbers Cut Dog’s Throat During Kloof Home Invasion

Savage robbers cut dog's throat during Kloof home invasion
Savage robbers cut dog's throat during Kloof home invasion. Pic Supplied

Durban – A gang of robbers cut the throat of a Kloof resident’s dog during a home invasion this Friday morning (20/07/2018).

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said an armed response officer had responded to the scene of the home invasion after a neighbour alerted him to the incident in Peace Road at around 5.50am.

“Four armed robbers, one of them a woman, had entered the property and cut the throat of the resident’s bull terrier with a sharp object, possibly one of the spikes from the driveway gate. They had derailed the driveway gate to gain entry before tying up the resident.

They fled the scene with televisions, jewellery, a cellphone, a handbag and other valuables which they loaded into the resident’s vehicle.”

“The neighbour heard the victim’s screams coming from the property and contacted us for assistance. When our officer arrived at the scene he went inside to investigate and heard the resident screaming for help. He saw her through a window tied up, sitting on the floor inside a bedroom.

He noticed two doors were open and ran into the bedroom and untied her, noticing that there was blood on the floor,” Mathios said.

“The resident told the officer that the suspects had stabbed the dog and asked him to check on it. He found the dog lying near a couch in the dining room,” Mathios said.

“The dog’s medical condition is unclear at this stage after being taken to the vet for treatment in the morning. No other injuries were reported.”

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Kloof SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Mathios advised residents to be alert to the sound of their dogs barking, especially at night.

“If you suspect that there is an intruder on the property, instead of going outside to investigate which could place you at risk of being ambushed by armed suspects, contact your security company and the police for assistance,” Mathios said.

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