chatsworth jewellery store robbery

A Reservoir Hills grandmother has been left traumatised after armed robbers dragged her through the house at gunpoint in a home invasion this afternoon.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the gang then fled the property with jewellery and electronic goods in the family’s Porsche which they abandoned 300 meters from the scene before hijacking a motorist and jumping into his silver VW Polo.


Mathios said a gang of possibly as many as seven or eight armed robbers derailed the driveway gate of a property in Yale Crescent to gain entry. The incident occurred at around 2pm. “They immediately repositioned all of the CCTV cameras before searching for the CCTV camera computer box which they ripped out of its mounting in a cupboard to disable the system,” he said.

“They dragged the grandmother from one room to another and at one point sat her down in the passage with a gun to her head, demanding valuables such as jewellery. They ransacked every room in the house as the traumatised grandmother screamed for help,” Mathios said. “The gang grabbed valuables such as designer handbags and clothing, electronic goods and cellphones and fled the scene in their getaway car and in the family’s Porsche. They abandoned the Porsche just three hundred meters from the house where they hijacked a motorist for his VW Polo and sped off.”

“It is believed that the vehicle’s anti-hijacking system kicked in which forced them to abandon it in Sienna Place,” he said.

Designer handbags, clothing, electronic goods and cellphones. No injuries were reported.

SAPS attended the scene of the crime. Blue Security

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