Police release ‘rock-thrower’ without charge

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Durban – KwaZulu-Natal police have freed a man, who was apprehended by members of the public after suspecting him of throwing rocks at passing cars from an overhead bridge on the N2 in Amanzimtoti on Wednesday.

“There was no rock-throwing incident, the man only threw a water container down the bridge after he had finished drinking all the water,” said Colonel Thembeka Mbhele.

Mbhele said the man was released after police combed the scene where he was alleged to have thrown a rock at a passing car.

“A member of the community, who had been driving on the N2, saw a man on the bridge who threw something down the bridge as he approached it. He stopped the car and, assisted by other community members, they chased after the suspect and caught him,” Mbhele said.

She said community members and the victim of the apparent rock-throwing incident took the man to a local police station.

“They told police that they saw him throwing rocks down the bridge. They also said there were other rocks on the spot where they saw him,” she said.

The man explained to police that he had been drinking water and only threw a container down the bridge, Mbhele said.

“Police took him to the spot where he said he threw the container and they found it. The station commander was also at the scene when the man was taken there,” she said.

The man has been released, Mbhele added.

The public expressed their dismay on social media as news of his release filtered through accusing police of failing to carry out a proper investigation.

Mbhele could not be drawn into commenting about the involvement of a tow truck driver saying that as per the report and the suspect’s version all the facts have been verified and the suspect’s release was above board.

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