Police question relative of Siam Lee after body found

Siam Lee
Siam Lee, 20, was burnt to death in January after allegedly being kidnapped from a brothel in Durban North. Her ashes will be scattered on the beach, a place she loved to go.

Police on Friday questioned a relative of Siam Lee, in their bid to uncover what happened between the time she was last seen and when her badly burnt body was discovered in New Hanover.

The 20-year-old’s body was found by a farmer travelling along a district road while on a fishing trip with his grandson.

It is understood Lee’s remains were identified by her mother, Carmen Nans Lee, on Thursday.

She recognised her lip piercing, a unique piece of body art‚ coupled with the colour of her toenail polish‚ essentially bringing closure to her family and end a search that spanned the country and occupied police and private investigators for a week.

Police sources with knowledge of the investigation confirmed the relative had been questioned but not detained or charged.

Lee went missing on Thursday last week from her place of work on Margaret Maytom Avenue in Durban North.

Investigators released an identikit of a man they believe can help them in their enquiries.

In the past week, social media had been awash with messages of condolences to the family following the discovery of her charred remains.

Catch all updates on Siam Lee’s abduction and murder case, here.

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