New Footage Shows Hillcrest Pub Fracas Victim Was Violent Before Being Knocked Out

Hillcrest pub assault

DURBAN – CCTV footage from Lazy Lizard pub in Hillcrest has revealed a new twist to the viral assault video that made headlines last week.

Sunday Tribune shared the video where Nthando Gumede, 21, who was knocked out in the assault, had tried to attack his assailant before he was elbowed in the face.


The initial cellphone video clip that went viral last week only showed this final part of the altercation between Gumede and Kyle McKay.

The CCTV footage from the pub also reveals that McKay was allegedly provoked before the assault and repeatedly tried to walk away. The footage shows Gumede being aggressive towards McKay and Gumede’s friends trying to control the situation.

The latter end of the CCTV footage clip also shows that the vehicle in which Gumede and his friends had travelled rammed into the back of a stationary vehicle in the pub’s parking lot, when they drove off after the incident.

Last week, Gumede said McKay had allegedly made racist slurs before assaulting him. He said he had been trying to make McKay understand that there was no place for racism in South Africa.

McKay told the paper this week he had been provoked. He wasn’t racist and had friends of all races, he said. “I still wanted to meet Gumede this week to apologise,” he added.


Gumede said he planned to lay an assault charge against McKay and said he was waiting for a national prosecuting authority official to meet with him.

Owner of the pub, Wayne Stoltz, said he was contacted by a compliance officer from the KZN Liquor Authority who accused him of running a “racist pub” following publicity about the incident. “I was deeply offended. We tried our best to control the situation. I am also not racist at all. Our bouncers tried to prevent the fight and also assisted Gumede,” said Stoltz. SUNDAY TRIBUNE

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