New 2018 toll tariffs kick in

toll tariff hikes

If you are planning on taking a drive to the Midlands this weekend, or even heading to the north coast for some well-deserved down time, you can expect to pay more at the various toll gates.

Motorists are now paying more to travel between key destinations across the country, as of yesterday.

Consumers have already been hit hard in April, with VAT increasing from 14 to 15 percent, fuel price increases and now tolls have gone up as well.

Motorists in KwaZulu-Natal will pay more at all tolls on the N3 and N2 freeways.

Roads agency SANRAL says the increases, implemented across the country, also take the VAT hike into account.

A simple business trip between Durban and Pietermaritzburg will cost Class 1 vehicles, or light motor vehicles, R11.50 one way, that is at the Mariannhill Toll gate, while a quick drop-off or pick-up at the King Shaka International airport will cost Class 1 motorists R6 when they get back on to the N2 southbound carriageway.

Those travelling between Durban and Johannesburg, and passing under five mainline tolls, can expect to cough up around R242.50.

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