Man killed in fatal M4 crash, 2 injured

Wreckage in which the man died

A fifty eight year old male has been killed, whilst two others suffered injuries in a collision involving a light motor vehicle and a delivery vehicle this afternoon.

Crisis Medical Paramedics arrived on the scene of the north bound carriage way, just passed the M41 of ramps, to find the delivery vehicle on its side.

The driver of the vehicle, a fifty-eight year old male, was entrapped in the wreckage having sustained fatal injuries.

Unfortunately there was nothing paramedics could do to assist and he was declared deceased on arrival.

Two other occupants of the delivery vehicle sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate and were treated and stabalised on scene before being transported by ambulance to a near by hospital for further care.

The driver of the light motor vehicle involved, suffered no injuries and refused prehospital treatment.

Traffic was severly affected as part of the roadway remained closed for over an hour to allow emergency services to clear the scene.

The cause of the collision and the facts surrounding it are un clear and will form subject of a South African Police Services investigation. Crisis Medical
Wreckage in which the man died

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