Maid robs her elderly Chatsworth employer at knifepoint

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Durban – A Chatsworth domestic worker allegedly turned on her elderly employer and held her up at knifepoint on Monday.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the domestic worker allegedly turned on the resident after her first day at work.


“The domestic worker completed her first day at work and as the resident was opening up to let her go home, she held her up with a knife and then tried to strangle her with a piece of cloth,” Mathios said.

“The resident pleaded with her attacker who then forced her to open her safe. She fled the scene with jewellery, keys and a remote panic button. The resident was lucky to escape the incident unharmed,” Mathios said.

Chatsworth SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Mathios advised residents to be cautious and to do their homework before hiring domestic staff.

“When seeking domestic staff the safest place to look for suitable candidates is in your immediate network of friends and neighbours. Enquire how many years the person has worked for the previous employer and be sure to also check references with any other employers that the person may have worked for in the past,” Mathios said.


“It’s also advisable not to take letters of reference at face value without contacting the previous employer and asking questions about the candidate’s performance and character.”

“If you have any concerns about whether the person can be trusted rather err on the side of caution. Many companies apply for police clearance certificates for their staff and this option is also open to employers of domestic workers,” he said. The Independent on Saturday

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