KZN father jailed for sexually violating 5-year-old daughter

father jailed for sexually abusing daughter

A 40-year-old offshore commercial diver was on Wednesday sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in the Port Shepstone Regional Court for sexually violating his five year old daughter, and the illegal possession and creation of child pornography.

Regional Magistrate Johann Bester sentenced the man to five years on each count.


For the illegal possession of 277 images of child pornography, he was sentenced to 10 years, with five of those suspended. This sentence will run concurrently with the sentence for sexual violation.

The images depicted children between the ages of three and 15 years engaged in sexual activity, including oral sex, and sexual intercourse between adult men and female children.

The Margate man also pleaded guilty to creating 25 images of his daughter’s vagina, and seven of his hand on her vagina.

The paedophile first appeared in court on August 21, 2016 and the state later withdrew the first count of alleged sexual violation relating to his three-year-old child.

According to the report by clinical psychologist Welmi Odendaal the diver was arrested after the South Australian Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team arrested an Australian man (27) for possession of child exploitative material.


An examination of the electronic devices he had used revealed email conversations between him and the South African.

The SA Police Service was alerted and he was arrested in June 2016.

When police searched his home on April 29, 2016, two external hard drives, a laptop computer and a cellphone were handed over to them. He subsequently admitted to unlawfully possessing 245 images of child pornography on his laptop and 32 on his cellphone.

Following his arrest, his wife left the country with their children, returning to her country of origin.

Ms Odendaal interviewed the man’s father and sister, and also scrutinised the email conversations between him and the Australian.

This, she said, provided evidence of his paedophilic desire for young girls, his sexual grooming of children, and his meticulous planning to coerce young girls into sexual interaction.


It also revealed his mentoring of the Australian in the grooming of children for sexual purposes.

“Her assessment showed that he presented clinical syndromes of paedophilia and substance abuse as well as clinical personality patterns including antisocial and dependent personality disorders. She suggested that there was evidence of his diminished responsibility for criminality,” said Magistrate Bester.

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