Kloof family ambushed by robbers, house ransacked

Kloof house robbery

Durban – Three men stormed a Forest Hills, Kloof, home on Wednesday night, leaving a family, including two children, seriously traumatised.

Blue Security spokesman Andreas Mathios said a resident had walked out of her house to close her car door, when she was ambushed.

“She was ambushed by three men at around 7.25pm. The men forced her back into the house and asked her who else was at home. They ordered her not to scream and left her in the kitchen as they went into the house,” Mathios said.

However, her husband had already heard her screaming and came down the passage where the men ambushed him too and held him up at gunpoint.

“They forced him to lie on the floor and ordered him not to look at them. They asked the resident for his car keys, safe and firearm but the resident told them that he doesn’t have a firearm and that his car keys were at the office. The gang then tied up the couple and ransacked the house,” Mathios said

The gang made off with three cellphones, tablets, laptops, hard drives, jewellery and vehicle keys.

“A neighbor disturbed the gang and they fled leaving behind the television and an empty jewellery box,” he said, adding that the couple’s two children were not harmed during the incident.

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