Hillcrest Women Were Shot For Their ‘Noisy’ Car

hillcrest women shot

Two Hillcrest women were shot and injured by a man who apparently was enraged by ‘noisy’ cars.

25-year-old Farren-Jade Louwrens said she is grateful that noone died. She and her mother were shot on Saturday night, allegedly by an enraged Hillcrest local who’d had enough of ‘noisy’ cars.


Louwrens recounted the harrowing experience to The Mercury on Monday.

She, her brother Blake, and their parents, Tony and Karen, spent Saturday afternoon visiting family on Camelot Estate. At around 5pm, Blake took their cousin and some friends for a drive in his Ford Focus ST.

“Minutes after they had arrived back home from the drive, the security guard at Camelot Estate came to us and said there were three people at the gate with a gun and golf sticks,” Louwrens said. “They had said they were sick of these cars that make such noise, and the guy wanted to know who the driver of the ST was.”

Louwrens said they decided to let it go.

“We left it, and 15 minutes later we decided to head home. We were all tired and we wanted to watch the Sharks rugby,” she said.


They were only a few hundred metres up the road when they came upon two people sitting in camp chairs. The next thing they knew, there was a man standing in the middle of the road.

“Blake obviously had to come to a complete stop in front of this man. He rolled his window down and one of the men at the side said: ‘What the f***’. Blake and I both looked forward and the guy standing in front of the car gave us a smirk and then started loading his gun,” Louwrens said. “Within seconds we realised what he was doing, so Blake reversed and tried to swerve past him and escape danger.”

Then they heard gunshots and the sound of bullets hitting the car.

“While all this was happening to us, my cousin was in his car with his friends, behind us,” Louwrens said. “After firing shots at our car, he (the shooter) turned and walked towards my cousin’s car and began firing more shots.”

It was not until they reached the main road that Louwrens realised she was hit.

“I couldn’t move my shoulder and a burning sensation came, and that’s when I cried out that I was shot,” she said, “Blake rushed me to hospital.”


They subsequently discovered Karen, who was with them at the time, had been grazed by a bullet.

It is believed that a suspect handed himself over last night, but police were unable to confirm this.
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