Family in shock after 5-year-old daughter killed in Shallcross crash

8 killed in KZN truck crash

The father of the 5-year-old girl whose death sparked violent protests in Shallcross says his wife went to the accident scene not knowing it was their child who had been struck by a car.

Yesterday, Praise Mupirisi was killed on Link Road, which later became the scene of the protests.

Residents of the Bottlebrush Informal Settlement barricaded the road, stoned cars and burned boats taken from a nearby property.

Praise’s father, Joel Mupisiri says he and his wife are in total shock at their daughter’s sudden death.

He says Praise was with her mother at a local shop, but then asked if she could go play with other children.

Mupisiri says his wife did not realise that their daughter had changed her mind and decided to follow her home.

“Her mother heard a noise and went back to check what had happened. She then saw it was our daughter. It is unbelievable,” he said.

Mupisiri believes the protest broke out because his daughter is not the first person who has been killed on that road.

Calm has since returned to the area.

Police said earlier that a case of culpable homicide is being investigated in relation to the crash that claimed Praise Mupisiri’s life, while a case of public violence has been opened following the protest action. ECR

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