Chatsworth pupil hangs himself after principal calls him gay and a pervert

Matthew Joash David

Durban – The sudden death of Chatsworth teen, Matthew Joash David after an impromptu ‘disciplinary’ at his school, Chatsworth Secondary has sparked the ire of the community as well as his 55-year-old mother, Judy David.

It was last Tuesday that mother Judy David would talk to her son and have that final walk from school after a fiery meeting with the deputy principal, governing body official and a teacher.

It is alleged that the three school officials hurled a series of accusations towards the 17-year-old teen including calling him ‘gay’ due to his hairstyle and labelling him as a pervert.

The teen attempted to defend himself in presence of his mother however it proved futile as the principal and other officials made it quite clear they wanted him out of their school.

The 55-year-old mother was handed a letter for her son to meet with social services to deal with his ‘problems’.

The late Matthew Joash David was immensely traumatized after the impromptu ‘hearing’ that was held and sped home on foot leaving his mother to follow him home.

Little did Judy David expect to find her son dead after his suicide, Matthew hung himself with his school tie in the kitchen of his Westcliff home, last Tuesday.

The matter is currently being investigated by the Department of Education and police have confirmed an inquest will be held into the circumstances of the death of David.

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