Authorities trying to place Verulam girl in school


Durban – Authorities are trying to place the 10-year-old Verulam girl allegedly raped by her stepfather in school.

However, the State says doing so is proving a challenge, as the ordeal has affected the girl’s education.


The 43-year-old accused is applying for bail in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court, north of Durban.

Investigating officer, Nevarge Lutchminarain took to stand in opposition to bail yesterday.

Amongst the charges levelled against the accused is one of child abuse, for allegedly not allowing his stepdaughter to attend school.

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The girl was allegedly held captive in a small room.


Lutchminarain says they are still trying to establish how far the child is in terms of her schooling and that they are in the process of placing her.

He says she has been screened and that she is most likely at a Grade 3 level, two years behind most 10-year-olds.

Lutchminarain says the child’s current location is a secret and he fears that if released on bail, the accused would try and track her down.

Yesterday, the stepfather told the court he intends pleading not guilty.

He claims the allegations against him are all lies.

The matter is due back in court tomorrow.

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