Armed Robber In Shoot-out With Reaction Officers Dies In Westville Prison

armed robber dies in hospital

An Armed Robber who was shot on his face after he opened fire on a RUSA Response Officer in February 2016 has died in Westville Prison in Kwazulu Natal while awaiting trial with three of his accomplices, Reaction Unit South Africa reports.

The suspect held up a 65 year old grandmother and her 17 year old grand daughter on February 25, 2016. The female was on the phone with her father when he realized that there was something unusual about his daughter conversation. He contacted Reaction Unit South Africa who responded to the home.

RUSA Director, Prem Balram who arrived on the scene a minute later was met with with heavy gunfire from four suspects who were attempting to flee the scene in a silver Chevrolet. Balram returned fire and shot the driver on his face. The bullet exited the suspects left eye. Over 50 live rounds were exchange during the shootout and the suspects fled on foot. Three were arrested on scene and one was arrested a day later. The car with stolen items were recovered in the victims yard. They were denied bail and remanded to Westville Prison.

Reaction Officers received several death threats from the suspect and his family after he lost his eye in the shooting. He further indicated to Police who had transported him to hospital that he intended killing the RUSA Officer who had shot him. The trial is expected to continue in the Verulam Regional Court next month for the remaining three suspects.

According to Police the suspect had died from natural causes. Reaction Unit South Africa

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