3 bodies recovered after devastating KZN storm


The bodies of a man, woman and a little girl have been recovered alongside a river bank following a massive storm in the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

The three and two other little children were swept away in Thursday floods after the massive storm that hit Northern KwaZulu-Natal.


The search is continuing for the other two children, Kholeka Khumalo (5) and Ayabonga Steele (8).

The body of a man, a local doctor – Dr Ncube, and that of a woman were recovered from a river on Overdale farm on the Ngisane Road on Sunday morning.

Dr Ncube’s car was washed away when he attempted to drive through the low level bridge on the flooded Ngisane Road on Thursday evening.

The body of 11-year-old Melokuhle Steelewas was found in thick reeds alongside the Steenkoolspruit.

Her granny said it was during the vicious storm on Thursday evening when the roof of the family home, near Lindelani, blew off.


With the hail pouring in, the children panicked and ran outside. They slipped into a stormwater drain – their mother managed to pull an older child to safety but the younger ones were swept away.

The discovery was made on Sunday afternoon after over 120 volunteers from throughout the community banded together to search the banks of the Steenkoolspruit.

The body was naked except for her panties. Members of the Ladysmith Search and Rescue SAPS Dog Unit removed the body to a waiting mortuary van. The girl’s granny, Cecilia, was there.


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